How We Can Help Schools?

The most immediate service we can provide is a counselling service based in the school. This can be from as little as 3 hours a week upward.  All our counsellors are DBS checked.

The Benefit of a School-Based Counselling Service

Early intervention at a key time can reduce the likelihood of the development of serious mental health difficulties and minimise disruption to pupil’s attainment levels.

A school-based service means that a young person does not have to wait to be referred to an external agency before being offered help.

For staff, it means that they can refer pupils who are requiring more time and attention than is possible when there are teaching commitments and pastoral commitments.

Access to the counselling service, which is not dependent on parental involvement, results in a high take up level of service and consistency of attendance.

The school can have a web link to Relationship Hub website.

The benefit to parents of a school service

Our experience is that, in the main, parents are always keen for distressed young people to have help but finding that help or being sure the child will attend are just some of the barriers that have to be overcome.

If a parent wishes to meet with the counsellor, this can be arranged with the pupil’s consent. However, the counselling is confidential to the client so no information can be shared without the client’s consent.

Over the last few years more than 20 schools and colleges have benefited from our service across Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Wigan and Rochdale

Help for parents

The Relationship Hub has a family counselling service and an adult counselling service which can help parents with their own relationship difficulties – often the source of distress for the children.  We can provide more information about these servcies through the school.

Although a financial contribution will be requested,  The Relationship Hub understand that this contribution will vary according to people’s circumstances.  It is also important to remember that the recommended number of counselling sessions for adults is six, so it is not an indefinite cost.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Counselling is confidential to The Relationship Hub. We do not provide any information to anyone outside of The Relationship Hub, without the clients consent, unless a young person is at risk of harm. If there is cause for concern about a young person’s safety, the counsellor will inform the Safeguarding Officer, ideally with the client’s consent.

In all other cases, where we think liaising with school staff is beneficial, we will always do so with the client’s consent.

Counsellors provide the school with an end of year summary of work done, and reports can be provided in collaboration with school pastoral staff if required.

Services for Staff: Counselling; Supervision; Training courses

Teaching is one of the most emotionally demanding professions.  The Relationship Hub can provide counselling for staff if they are having personal difficulties, (and an employee assistance programme is available for school staff in Bury via Bury Council.)

The Relationship Hub can also provide supervision for staff whose pastoral work may include high stress such as dealing with child protection issues.
Supervision can provide a breathing space in which staff can step back and reflect on the emotional impact of the work on them professionally and personally.

We are developing a number of courses for teachers and allied professionals.  For details go to our Training/Supervision page.