Information for Health Professionals

How can The Relationship Hub help a patient?

With anxiety/depression/stress:

      • Many symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression arise when there are relationship difficulties between couples and in families.
      • Helping people understand those difficulties can alleviate these symptoms for individuals and couples.
      • Frequently stress transmits itself to a partner or family member.

The Relationship Hub works to help people understand these dynamics.

With emotional distress

      • First-time pregnancy and childbirth can seriously disrupt relationships.
      • Infertility, miscarriage or stillbirth can lead to couples’ relationships suffering.
      • Coping with a serious illness can leave the relationship in tatters.

The Relationship Hub works with couples and individuals to help find ways of getting through life’s difficult periods.

With sexual problems

      • Sexual problems often arise when there has been sexual trauma, past or present.
      • Sexual relationships can be impaired through fertility treatment.
      • Counselling with a sexual focus can address these types of issues.
      • Sexual therapy can help with problems such as erectile impairment, pain on intercourse, ejaculatory problems or loss of desire.

 With conflict and domestic abuse

      • We aim to assess the level of risk of harm to clients and their children and work to promote their understanding and awareness of the need to safeguard themselves and their families.
      • We signpost perpetrators of domestic abuse to a violence prevention programme accredited by Respect.

With help with problems with children and teenagers

      • The Relationship Hub have a family counselling service, which can help with family problems.
      • The service can be for the one concerned family member or for any number of concerned family members.
      • The Relationship Hub has a Children and Young Peoples Counselling service for ages 5-25. For 11year olds upwards, the young person is usually seen on their own, for those 10 and under, a parent will also be seen by the counsellor.

Is this a confidential service?

All our services are confidential to The Relationship Hub: we do not provide any information to anyone outside of The Relationship Hub.  The only exception would be if someone is at risk of significant harm, particularly a child and we discuss that with clients.

Is there a cost?

The Relationship Hub is a charity whose highly qualified, trained and experienced counsellors deliver quality assured services in a clear ethical framework.  From January 2018 we reduced the price of our counselling sessions to £35 per hour but we understand this may still prevent some people contacting us.

We always welcome, therefore, partnerships with other professional agencies, so that we can make our services accessible to the widest possible cross-section of the community.  We are always very keen to develop affordable contracts to facilitate this. For further details please contact us.

However for some people cost may not be a barrier and we hope that health professionals will always provide information about our services to patients.