Information for Social Services

With domestic abuse

We meet each partner individually to assess with the client whether they and their children are at risk of harm because of what is happening in the couple’s relationship.

We currently signpost male perpetrators of domestic abuse to the Violence Prevention Programme run by Talk Listen Change (TLC), which runs an intensive Bridging to Change programme.

      • We will offer counselling to female partners on their own, to help them increase their safety and that of their children.
      • We do not offer relationship counselling where we deem it unsafe to do so.
      • We do not provide written or verbal reports for any agencies, as we are not a statutory agency and we cannot be involved in care planning.
      • In situations where there has been conflict but counselling is appropriate we monitor the level of conflict with the clients.

With relationship problems

Our relationship counselling can help couples or individuals with issues such as communication problems, affairs, blended family problems, coping with physical and mental health issues and the impact of the birth of babies.

With family distress

Our family counselling service is able to work on family matters with one person or several, depending on who is willing to attend counselling.

With the impact of marital conflict on young people

Our counselling service for young people is available in several secondary schools across our five Greater Manchester boroughs and in our centres.  This is available for any sort of issue causing distress to the child or young person.

Young people 11-25 will be seen on their own.  For children 10 and under, we will meet with the parent first to obtain their perspective and consent.