Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Every family has arguments at some point and all families go through difficult stages.

Family counselling can help with

      • Difficulties in communication between family members, causing conflict and distress
      • Relationship issues within blended or extended family or with grandparents
      • Coping with separation and divorce
      • Managing issues around communication and boundaries with children and young people
      • Conflict between siblings
      • Young people who appear to be behaving badly or oddly
      • Coping with different parenting styles
      • Managing relationships with adult children

Why come to The Relationship Hub?

Usually things get resolved but sometimes difficulties continue and the longer it goes on, the more difficult it becomes to find a resolution.

When this happens you can fall into a stalemate of interacting that’s not helpful to anyone. This is when talking with a Relationship Hub family counsellor helps.

Who comes to family counselling?

Any combination of family members can come: parents, children, step parents, siblings and parents, and adult children. If you are the main person concerned about family matters but no one else seems willing to come, family counselling can still be useful.

How does it work?

A family counsellor helps by enabling everyone to have a voice and to listen to each other on neutral territory. People often find that in this kind of atmosphere they can see things differently and resolve difficulties that seemed overwhelming at home.

What will happen if I contact The Relationship Hub?

The only personal information which you will be required to give on the phone is your contact details and details of anyone else who might come.

You will be offered an initial consultation. If you are hoping to involve children or young people they will be invited to subsequent sessions.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Our service is confidential to each client. No information will be given to any outside agency (or to a partner). The only exception to this, would be if anyone is at risk of significant harm, particularly a child, and we would discuss this with you.

Domestic abuse

If domestic abuse is an issue then The Relationship Hub prioritises safety before counselling and we will discuss any proposed actions with you.