What our clients say about us

This is what the people who use our various services say about their experience of us:

“We discussed different approaches to coping and dealing with historic events so that they no longer affected how I approached similar scenarios in the future”

Without this service I would not be where I am today, and back at work.  Thank you”

I would like to say thank you to [the counsellor] for making me realise that it’s okay to not feel okay – how to understand and accept my emotions has helped put me on the right path to a more positive me.”

Would recommend this for anybody who hasn’t anybody to talk to or go to.”

Very pleased with the entire process and the help I was given, and would recommend to anybody seeking help”

“The sessions have helped me to focus and reflect.  They have allowed me to let out my emotions and feelings that were previously squashed inwards”

“I have found the therapy extremely useful to reflect on why, given the situation that presented itself to me, it had such an impact on me, triggering anxiety”

“The service has helped me through an extremely difficult time.  I know that I can use it again if I need to in the future”

“It really helped my self esteem”