Relationship Counselling

If you are having difficulty in your relationship and want to talk about how you can improve it we can help. On the other hand, if you think you might be facing a separation we can help you look at how to manage this as constructively as possible.

Relationship counselling can help when

      • Your emotions are all over the place
      • Your communication has broken down
      • You suspect your partner may be having an affair or you are having an affair
      • Your arguments are getting worse with no resolution
      • Either of you are experiencing depression or anxiety
      • Your relationship has been going through a bad patch for several months or years
      • You have lost a person close to you
      • You are thinking of separating
      • Your relationship has changed since the arrival of a new baby
      • You are adjusting to both being retired
      • Your anxiety level is at overload and it is affecting your concentration at work
      • Your children have left home

Why come to The Relationship Hub?

Whether you are married, living together, in a same sex relationship, separated, divorced, single or never been in a relationship, we can help you deal with your relationship difficulties. Our counselling is always respectful of cultural and religious contexts.

How does it work?

A counsellor will help you explore your feelings, values, hopes and expectations, of your relationship. Often you can be helped to see your situation through a different lens and that helps you find solutions to the difficulties.

What will happen if I contact The Relationship Hub?

The only personal information you will be required to give on the phone is your contact details.

You will be offered an initial consultation with a counsellor usually within a week and asked to make a pre-payment. The initial consultation will be an opportunity for you to discuss with a counsellor if ongoing counselling could be helpful for you and your partner. You may come as an individual or as a couple to this appointment.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Our service is confidential to each client. No information will be given to any outside agency (or to a partner). The only exception to this, would be if any one is at risk of significant harm, particularly a child, and we would discuss this with you.

Domestic abuse

If domestic abuse is an issue then The Relationship Hub prioritises safety before counselling and we will discuss this with you.

What will happen when I come to The Relationship Hub?

On your first visit, you will be asked to complete a before-service questionnaire. You will then have a Consultation appointment with a counsellor which will help you decide if you wish to have ongoing counselling.  On completion of ongoing counselling you will be asked to complete an end of service questionnaire. These are important aids to the monitoring of our service.

If you decide to come for ongoing counselling, we will offer you a regular appointment time as soon as possible to suit you with the same counsellor each time. You may wish to consider whether you would like weekly or fortnightly appointments.  In order for us to offer ongoing counselling as quickly as possible, it may not be with the counsellor whom you meet in the initial consultation.  If you wish to meet with the Consultation counsellor, you may request to do so but it may entail a waiting time.

How many sessions will I/we need?

The average number of sessions that people have, following the Consultation appointment, is six. Some people have more and some have less: you determine with the counsellor how many you think is best for you. You can book a review appointment when you finish counselling if you think this would be helpful to maintain progress or negotiate any subsequent difficulties.

My problem is related but different can The Relationship Hub still help?

We have only mentioned a handful of examples and everyone is different. We handle all sorts of issues on a case by case basis and we are sure we can accommodate you.