Sexual Therapy

Sexual therapy is a special type of counselling which helps individuals and couples address problems and concerns with their sex life.

Sexual Therapy can help when

      • You/your partner have lost interest in your sexual relationship
      • Your sexual relationship has changed following the birth of a baby or if there has been a miscarriage or still birth
      • Physical problems interfere with the sexual relationship such as erectile difficulties, problems with penetration, or there is difficulty controlling ejaculation
      • You are uncertain if you know about how sex works
      • You are worried about the use of internet pornography
      • Infertility treatment has affected your sexual relationship
      • Pain with intercourse or difficulty having intercourse

Many people experience changes in their sexual relationship over time. Sometimes changes become problematic either for physical or emotional reasons.

The Relationship Hub has a long history of providing sexual therapy and relationship counselling, and has specially trained counsellors to provide support. Sexual therapy combines working with the emotional and physical aspects of the relationship.

Who comes for sexual therapy?

People of all ages, abilities, ethnicities and sexual orientation come for sexual therapy. So for some people it is when they are just starting out on a relationship but may have insufficient information needed to form a good, intimate relationship. Other people find that their once good sexual relationship has declined for various reasons and it is difficult to recapture it.

The Relationship Hub provides a culturally sensitive service and will adapt the sexual programme to meet with any religious preferences which are necessary.

How does sexual therapy work?

A sexual therapist will talk to you about the problems, the background to the problem and what you want to achieve.  If we agree a therapy programme will be helpful, you will be given brief tasks to be done at home.

You will never be asked to do anything in sexual therapy other than to talk. Our therapists are experienced in helping overcome any embarrassment about speaking sexually.

What will happen if I contact The Relationship Hub?

The only personal information you will be required to give on the phone will be your contact details and that of your partner if he/she is coming too.
If you think that the sexual difficulty in  your relationship is the main issue which, if sorted, would make everything ok again, you can request to see a sexual therapist who will discuss the specific sexual problems with you.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Our service is confidential to each client.  No information will be given to any outside agency or to a partner.  The only exception to this, would be if anyone is at risk of significant harm, particularly a child, and we would discuss this with you.

Domestic abuse

If domestic abuse is an issue, then The Relationship Hub prioritises safety before offering a sexual therapy programme and we will discuss that with you.

What will happen when I come to The Relationship Hub

Unless you specifically request to see a sexual therapist, you will be offered an initial Consultation with a counsellor who will discuss the issues with and help you chose which service is most likely to be most useful.

You will be asked to come 15 minutes early to complete before-service forms and on completion of counselling or therapy, you will be asked to complete end of service forms. These help us monitor our services.

How many sessions will I/we need?

The average number of sessions for sexual therapy is usually around twelve. However the specific number is of course linked to your specific needs and how much time you can give to doing the work at home.

My problem is related but different.  Can The Relationship Hub still help?

We have only mentioned a handful of examples and everyone is different. We handle all sorts of issues on a case by case basis and we are sure we can accommodate you.